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​Mules Retirement


On 20 July 2012, the Proud Few MC mounted up for a momentous run to Jacksonville, NC to celebrate our brother Mule's retirement from the Marine Corps. Mule served for 20 faithful years and had a huge impact as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 and consummate leader of Marines.
The crew made the trip in waves. Hickory went down early in the week for work purposes and enjoyed brother Mule's hospitality. The rest rolled down early Friday morning for the trips from MD and Northern VA. Mule appropriately led the pack to the Beirut Memorial for the short ceremony. The heat was oppressive but at least we had the benefit of shade, as the memorial is located in a grove of tall NC pines right on the edge of Camp Johnson.
From there, we rolled out to Swanyk's, a local watering hole and virtual Marine museum for a two-hour reception. There were three parties going in that relatively small place - the clean-cut citizens and Marines on one side, and the scruffy, sunburnt bikers on the other. Brother Moose led a raid on the other party's food line and earned himself a good old fashioned 1st Sgt ass chewing. Damn bikers.
From Swanyk's we mounted up again and rolled to Mule's barn for the after party. A fantastic time in true Proud Few fashion. Hickory had been doing the rain dance all week hoping for some relief from the heat, which finally paid off after the sun went down. Brother Moose and CO Fish provided live entertainment with a long guitar jam, as Hickory started shuttling brothers and guests back to their hotels in the drunk wagon.
Saturday continued the celebration, with Mule and Hick whipping up a world-class breakfast for the hungover crowd that stuck around. The ladies then went to Sam's club to pick up fixins for dinner. Hick threw a pork shoulder in the crockpot and cooked up his world-famous BBQ sauce, and the party continued into the late evening.
Words cannot describe how proud we are of our brother Mule. His years of dedication and sacrifice inspired many; his efforts and leadership on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan saved the lives of his teams and the Marines they supported. He will undoubtedly do as much and as well in his civilian life. Well done, Brother.
Semper Fi,

Proud Few MC



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